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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump listens to a question during a town hall event in Rochester, New Hampshire.

Mudslinging continues: It’s safe to say candidates in the 2016 presidential election are taking no prisoners. Campaigning is in full swing, and in some cases, that means making everyone else look bad. Donald Trump lived up to that yesterday when an audience member at his event said President Barack Obama is a Muslim and not an American. Obama, who is a Christian, was born in Hawaii. But did Trump correct the man? Naaah. Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton tweeted that Trump’s action — or lack thereof — is “just plain wrong.”


Suspect’s friend arrested: Friends can be liabilities sometimes. Just ask Joey Meek, friend of confessed Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof, who was arrested by the FBI yesterday. It was not immediately clear what charges Meek faces, but he has been under investigations for allegedly knowing about the June shooting and not telling authorities, an official said. In the days after the shooting, Meek recounted how Roof drunkenly vowed one night “to do something crazy.” Roof killed nine people during a prayer meeting at a historic African-American church on June 17 in South Carolina.


So many choices: Oh what to do, what to do? Visit the White House, Google, or Facebook offices? The week started pretty terribly for Texas high school student Ahmed Mohamed. On Monday, he brought a clock to school, one he made on his own. Police arrested him for what they initially — and falsely — said was a hoax bomb. But by mid-week, it was the complete opposite. His face and name were splashed across traditional and social media. Thousands of messages of encouragement poured in, with Facebook and President Obama inviting him to the White House, and Twitter offered him internships. But wait …. there’s more! Google executives said they were reserving him a spot at their science fair and MIT asked him to visit the campus. But first, his family says, he plans to transfer to another high school. How is that for a bad week turned awesome?

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