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It’s fair to say comedian Sheryl Underwood wasn’t on the the Top 10 list of celebrities you thought would go natural. In 2013, her comments about Black hair went viral, and many accused her of being self-hating and an Uncle Tom. After guest Heidi Klum told the panel on The Talk that she saved locks of her children’s hair, Sheryl responded by saying she thought that was a big problem when you had African-textured hair.

“Why would you save afro hair? Underwood said to her astonished co-hosts. “You can’t weave in Afro hair! No one walks into the hair place and says ‘Look here, what I need is curly, nappy, beady hair. That just seems nasty’.”

When co-host Sara Gilbert confessed that she, too, saved her children’s hair, Underwood further dug herself into a hole by then saying:

“Which is probably that beautiful, long, silky stuff. That’s not what an afro is!”

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