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Dads, make sure you teach your daughter these things. She will be grateful.

Dad, you’re an influential person in your daughter’s life. Make sure you teach her the most important things that she needs to know before she grows up.

Teach your daughter to love herself. Teach your daughter to change her oil. Teach your daughter respect. See what else you can learn in this week’s Tools for the Journey: Things to Teach Your Daughter.

Dad, what would you add to the list? Or how do you teach these things?

1. Teach her that she’s beautiful. You know that your daughter is beautiful inside and out. Make sure she knows it, too.

2. Teach her to be kind. Teach your daughter to not only be kind to others, but to herself as well.

3. Teach her to respect herself and others. You can teach her to respect herself and others through modeling what it looks like. Let her know that respect will take her far in life and allow her to build strong relationships.

4. Teach her honesty. Make sure that you are honest with your daughter so that she knows that trust feels like. She will then grow to want others to have that same feeling for her.

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