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TODAY -- Pictured: Lester Holt appears on NBC News' "Today" show -- (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC/NBC NewsWire via Getty Images)

You may have seen our new video series Out to Lunch, as we have already debuted an episode with FNC’s Bill Hemmer. The second edition, with CNN’s Don Lemon, has been taped and is coming soon. We’re working on NBC News’ Lester Holt for the third installment (the man has a busy schedule), but in the meantime we caught up with the Nightly News anchor and Dateline host for 5 Questions.

Tonight’s Dateline NBC features a new report by Holt on the situation surrounding Johnny Hincapie, who was imprisoned for 25 years for his alleged role in the 1990 stabbing death of a Utah tourist, Brian Watkins, on a subway platform. A judge recently overturned his conviction based on new evidence challenging his presence at the crime scene, and his contention that his confession to the crime was coerced by a detective.

TVNewser: Did you ever consider walking away from Dateline when you became the permanent anchor of Nightly News?

Holt: Naturally when I took on Nightly News I reviewed all of my roles and work responsibilities as well as my personal commitments. Dateline is very special to me, and if anything, now that I am on a weekday schedule I’m finding I’m able to go out and report more of the hours (like this Friday’s program) in addition to hosting.

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