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It’s been a rough couple of months for Tamar Braxton as she was recently forced to quit as a contestant in “Dancing With the Stars” due to some blood clots in her lungs, and apparently, her family won’t be at her side to support her through recovery. It is reported by Daily Mail that the reason for this is because of the feud between Tamar and her sisters worsening every day.

According to news, the on-screen drama among the sisters is nothing compared to their ongoing feud in real life. An insider shared, “There has been serious family tension among the sisters for some time. While it has been chronicled on their reality show — it is even worse in real life.” The current situation has left Tamar on one side and her whole family on the other, “It is pretty much all of the sisters versus Tamar at this point and her signing up to do Dancing made their relationship worse.”

Fans of the Braxton sisters are well aware that Towanda has been working hard to get into “Dancing With the Stars.” Yet, when Tamara was asked to join the show, not only did she accept the offer but she also hid it from her sisters. This decision came as a betrayal to the Braxton sisters and only widened the gap between them. Rumor has it that Tamar already knew how her family would react and was forced to keep negotiations with the show under wraps.

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