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No matter what negative things others say about an Atlanta-based prosperity preacher, there is a woman of influence who views him through positive lenses.

Some people call him a wolf in sheep’s clothing who has gotten rich off the backs of the poor.

But, according to one state senator, mega pastor Creflo Dollar lifts the community higher and deserves to have a highway named after him.

“I would love to see a Creflo Dollar Highway,” said State Sen. Donzella James, D-Atlanta, a supporter of the controversial preacher who started a GoFundMe campaign to purchase a $65 million jet.

“This is a church that’s doing things in the community to make things better,” she told WSB-TV Atlanta of World Changers Church International. “They have a food bank. They have a clothing bank. They give to anyone. You don’t have to be a member.”

James, a respected politician in her community who inspires women to aspire to political office and leadership, credits Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. for shaping her character.

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