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Bernie Sanders Holds Town Hall Meeting In Iowa

Source: Scott Olson / Getty

Outsiders Sweep To Victory In New Hampshire:

Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Bernie Sanders swept to thumping outsider victories in the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday, seizing on the fury of grass-roots voters to rock the elites who control American politics.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich, whose aspirational conservative message contrasts with Trump’s populist rhetoric, surged to a surprise second place in the GOP race.

But the nation’s second presidential contest failed to clarify the battle between establishment candidates. There are doubts about Kasich’s viability in more conservative states and ability to raise money. Marco Rubio faces renewed questions about his readiness after a shaky debate performance robbed him of momentum. And Jeb Bush, the one-time front-runner, did just enough to survive.

Flint Mayor Says $55 Million Needed To Replace Lead Pipes:

The mayor of Flint, Michigan, said Tuesday she needs $55 million to remove lead pipes in the city beleaguered by a toxic water crisis. She is asking that Gov. Rick Snyder partner with her to get the funds.

“In order for Flint residents to once again have confidence and trust in the water coming from their faucets, all lead pipes in the city of Flint need to be replaced,” Mayor Karen Weaver said.

That dollar figure is what her public works staff and experts from the Lansing Board of Water and Light came up with during a meeting Monday, she said. The Lansing board pioneered lead pipe removal, the mayor said, adding that it has removed 13,500 lead pipes in Michigan’s capital over 12 years.

In CybersecurityBid, Obama Wants To Retire Outdated Government Systems:

The White House says it’s working to increase the security of the federal government’s computer and data systems after high-profile hacks at various agencies, including a recent breach at the Justice Department.

President Barack Obama Tuesday signed an executive order establishing a federal privacy council to ensure all of the administration’s branches are using the best, most secure practices when safeguarding individual employees’ information, as well as government data.

He also convened a meeting of his national security team, supplemented by top cybersecurity advisers, on Tuesday morning to discuss his new initiative.

“One of the biggest gaps between the public sector and the private sector is in our IT space. And it makes everyone’s information vulnerable,” Obama said, describing the systems providing the technological underpinning for Social Security and other programs “archaic.”

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