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New Study Suggests Men Are Less Likely To Admit To Being Biracial

A Stanford University study found that women are more likely to identify as multi-racial because of society’s fascination with “exotic” women. Meanwhile, men typically identify with whatever race they’re perceived to be. Within the study, 37,000 students where surveyed; the demographics consisted of three multiracial groups: black-white, Latino-white, and Asian-white. The results are listed as follows:

  • Among black-white students, 76 percent of women and 64 percent of men identified as biracial.
  • Among Latino-white students, 40 percent of women saw themselves as biracial, while 32 percent of men did.
  • And among Asian-white students, 56 percent of women and 50 percent of men called themselves biracial.  {NYMag}

John Lewis Backpedals On Bernie Sanders Shade 

During a press conference where Rep. John Lewis announced the Congressional Black Caucus PAC’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton, the Civil Rights leader seemingly negated Bernie Sanders’ activism. “I never saw [Bernie Sanders] I never met him,” said Lewis referencing his time as the leader of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC). Following the virality of the statement, Lewis has since made an effort to retract and clarify his comments, “in the interest of unity.” In Lewis’ revised statement he said, “The fact that I did not meet him in the movement does not mean I doubted that Sen. Sanders participated in the Civil Rights Movement, neither was I attempting to disparage his activism.” {AJC}

“Baby Box” Heads To The U.S. In Efforts To Lower Infant Mortality Rates

For over 75 years, Finland has been providing new mothers with a “Baby Box”, an extensive package of baby toiletries and clothes in a cardboard box which has a mattress inside to be used as a baby bed. In order for women to receive the box, they must seek prenatal care prior to their fourth month of pregnancy. As a result, the country has one of the lowest rates of infant mortality. New York may be the first U.S. states to also offer the service. California based business, The Baby Box Co. distributed 100 free baby boxes to parents at Bellevue Hospital Center and New York Presbyterian on Valentine’s Day. Within poor, impoverished neighborhoods in NY, black babies are two to three times more likely to die than Caucasian babies. According to the company’s website, they offer free, educational resources for expecting mothers and they’re “working with government agencies, hospitals, tribes and non-profits in 20 U.S. States to distribute Baby Boxes for free to as many American families as possible.” {NY Daily News}

DeRay McKesson Outlines His Political Platform

While some may not have taken the mayoral candidacy of social media activist DeRay McKesson seriously, he’s already begun campaigning. Having raised nearly $100,000 within a week of his initial announcement, McKesson has since released an ad outlining his platform. The former head of the Human Resources Dept. for the Minneapolis Public Schools plans to make education a priority. As mayor he wants to mandate a full day of pre-kindergarten for every 3 and 4 year-old from low income households. He also wants to establish full academic scholarships for low-income graduates of publics schools. Additional undertakings as mayor would be raising the minimum wage to $15, as well as increasing employment opportunities for the youth and former felons. Speaking to the way in which he structured his platform, McKesson said, “Prosperity acceleration occurs when we commit to an economic development plan that partners with our city, its residents, and is invested in the long-term success of Baltimore.” {Huffington Post}


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