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Riding in after the viral photo of a mother and her twin teens that had everyone asking “which one is the mom?” Donna Galt, 33, and Mya, 14, said they, too, stump people who run into the UK mother/daughter duo.

The two appeared on ITV This Morning’s “hot topic” segment, where the host explained that Donna and Mya are the UK’s version of twin Kaylan Mahomes, her sister Kyla, and mother Tina Brown.

As a reminder, here are the “triplets” in all their glory. After a week of speculation (and “Black don’t crack” memes), the family came forward to reveal that Brown was the woman on the left (in the black blazer).

Things didn’t go so well for Donna and Mya, who said they are often mistaken for sisters. The two even dress alike when they go out with one another.

But Twitter users weren’t buying it. In fact, they quickly pointed out who the mother was in this case.

It may seem obvious, but we’re still going to ask the question: Can you tell the difference? Sound off below…

SOURCE: Buzzfeed | PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter, Getty


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