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Georgia Detective Tells Court: Stepdad Killed Daughter Over Delayed Tax Refund

Nine Dead After Church Shooting In Charleston

Source: Joe Raedle / Getty

In court, a Georgia homicide detective testified that she believes that a stepfather killed his stepdaughter because he thought she was hiding is tax return check, says Atlanta NBC Affifilate 11 Alive News.

Gwinnett County Police Detective Shannon Kulnis told a local court that Bryon Winborne and the victim, Kysha Johnson, were having an argument about the whereabouts of a delayed check. According to Kulnis’ testimony, Winborne needed that money to divorce Johnson’s mother and believed that Johnson was hiding it from him. Winborne confessed that he took a gun, shot Johnson (whose young son was holding her hand) and walked away. Johnson ran out of the room and got help. She later died in the hospital.

It’s being reported that Winborne, a war veteran, was receiving treatment for post-traumatic stress syndrome and has been charged with Felony Murder and Aggravated Assault, 11 Alive News noted.

#BlackGirlMagic: Ava DuVernay To Receive Spirit of Independence Award

Ava DuVernay

Source: Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic / Getty

One of our favorite film directors is getting another award.

Film Independent will present Ava DuVernay and Array Releasing, her film collective and distribution company for women and people of color, with the coveted Spirit of Independence Award at the LA Film Festival this summer. The award is given to artists who “champion creative freedom or make a significant contribution to the preservation and proliferation of independent voices,” Women in Hollywood reported.

And that is exactly what DuVernay has done. Over the years, Array Releasing released “Mississippi Damned” directed by Tina Mabry, “Vanishing Pearls” by Nailah Jefferson, “Ayanda” by Sara Blecher and DuVernay’s own “Middle of Nowhere” and “I Will Follow” to name a few.

In a statement, Film Independent president Josh Welsh said “We can’t imagine a more fitting recipient of the Spirit of Independence Award than Ava DuVernay and her distribution company Array Releasing. In addition to being a brilliant filmmaker, Ava is a passionate, forward-thinking distributor, helping unique and diverse voices find their audiences.”

Congrats Ava!

#GoBoy: Bomani Jones’ “Caucasians” T-Shirt Got White Folks On Twitter Mad

Filling in for an ESPN anchor on Thursday, sports journalist Bomani Jones almost broke Twitter thanks to the T-shirt he was wearing. Making a statement about the racist mascots and names that teams have such as the Washington Washington Football Team, Jones rocked a shirt that did the following: Ripped from the Cleveland Indians logo, his shirt said “Caucasians” instead of “Indians,” had a caricature of a white person instead of Cleveland’s Chief Wahoo and a dollar sign instead of the chief’s feather, described Vox.

Now, according to TMZ sports, a rep for the show told them that they asked Jones to cover up the shirt after he “made his point.” But soon after, Bomani Jones began trending on Twitter with folks mad and supportive of his shirt, Complex pointed out. What do you think? Was his shirt offensive?

Study: Why White Meds Students Under Treat Black Patients For Pain

Black patient, concerned

Source: Jose Luis Pelaez / Getty

Why are African-American patients routinely undertreated for pain? A new study suggests that racial bias plays a role.

Researchers from the University of Virginia surveyed over 200 white medical students and residents about what they thought about biological differences between black and white people and how they would treat each one for pain, CBS News reported.  What they found was astounding.

  • Forty percent of first and second year medical students, 22 percent of third year medical students, and 25 percent of residents reported believing that blacks’ skin is thicker than whites’.
  • Twenty-nine percent of first year medical students, 17 percent of second year students, 3 percent of third year students, and 4 percent of residents believe black people’s blood coagulates more quickly than whites’.
  • Those surveyed were also less likely to recommend accurate treatment for the black patient versus the white patient.


“We’ve known for a long time that there are huge disparities in how blacks and whites are assessed and treated by the medical community,” Kelly Hoffman, who led the study, told CBS.

She added, “Our study provides some insight to what might contribute to this — false beliefs about biological differences between blacks and whites. These beliefs have been around for a long time in our history. They were once used to justify slavery and the inhumane treatment of black people in medicine.”

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