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Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Win Big In New York:

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton notched resounding victories in New York Tuesday night, answering questions about their command of the race as the front-runners moved significantly closer to their party’s nominations.

Their decisive wins usher in a new phase in the 2016 campaign. Both Trump and Clinton have fought bitterly for months to keep their rivals at bay, each slogging through primary contests that exposed vulnerabilities in their candidacies and campaigns.


Neighbors pull Ahmed Sharma and his wife, Emily, to safety after floodwater deluged their apartment complex in Klein, Texas.

Houston Flooding: 7 Dead, 1,200 Rescued More Rain Expected:

While some parts of Houston are starting to recover from paralyzing flooding, some residents believe the worst is yet to come.

The problem: Cypress Creek in northwest Houston keeps rising and still hasn’t crested, officials say, and forecasters expect more rain Wednesday.

In the town of Klein, John Martin stuffed his suitcase and bolted for a friend’s house.

Bottles of water

Source: Matt Cardy / Stringer / Getty

8 Responses To Michigan Governor Drinking Flint Water:

Boy, that didn’t go well, to hear social media tell it.

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, in what was billed as a move to establish solidarity with the people of Flint, said Monday he would visit a home with lead service lines whose unfiltered water had tested higher than the national action level and collect said water.
Channeling a souped-up version of ex-Flint Mayor Dayne Walling, Snyder promised to drink and cook with the water for a month, returning to Flint every week for an, ahem, fresh supply of the wet stuff.

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