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 Woman Hosts Jump Rope For Anti-Violence Awareness

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A Richmond, Virginia woman is planning a jump rope event to raise awareness about violence this summer.

According to the Richmond Standard, in July, Roshonda Walker wants to use double dutch to help locals to understand how violence impacts their community, 

“It has been an idea on my heart and now it’s time to follow through with it,” said Walker, who said she lives right off of Cutting Boulevard. “I will be doing this event on my own unless I get sponsors, which are welcomed.”

She hopes that his event will inspire people to pay attention to an epidemic that is hurting those who live in surrounding areas.

“I want to get our kids back to being active as well as raise awareness to the violence of our community,” Walker said. “I also want to show these youngsters that old school can beat that new school.. Lol.”

Keep up the good work!

Oakland Police Scandal Spreads: Woman Claims Sex With Dozens Of Officers



A sex worker is claiming that Oakland police were involved in a sex scandal, says The Grio.

A woman told the East Bay Times that she slept with three officers before she turned 18 last August. She also tells the newspaper that two Oakland officers provided her with confidential police information, including tips on scheduled anti-prostitution stings and arrest records.  In addition, she claims that a retired Oakland police captain paid $250 to have sex with her in a motel. He was in his 80s.

The woman states that she became a sex worker at 12-years-old.

Soon after she came out, Oakland police Chief Sean Whent stepped down giving no specific reason for his resignation. It’s reported that the department’s federal overseer, Robert Warshaw pressured Whent to resign.

The woman, who hasn’t revealed her name, claims that the police protected her from the pimps and made her feel safe.


NYC Schools Suspended Sexual Assault Victims Because They’re Black: Attorney


Source: ORLANDO SIERRA / Getty

Three federal complaints argue that New York City Schools mishandled several cases of sexual assaults involving “economically disadvantaged black girls” between the ages of 13 to 15, the Huffington Post reported.

A Brooklyn attorney filed a trio of lawsuits with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights on November,  April and this June.

In one case, a 15-year-old student at Teachers Preparatory School was forced to give oral sex on two boys, while five others watched out, says court documents. Another young girl was suspended for engaging in sexual activity after the school claimed it was consensual, the Huff Post noted.

“This behavior constitutes a danger to the health, safety, welfare and morals of your child and others at school,” a letter to the girl’s parents. In the third case, a young girl claimed that she was sodomized and that the school principle suggested that she should transfer.

“Everyone was blaming things on me,” the young teen said. “It was so much pressure. I couldn’t take it. At times I felt like giving up on my life.”

The lawyer for the students told the Huff Po that “I think there’s a race and a class issue, in addition to a sexism issue.

“Teenage black girls are sexualized in society in a way that white girls are not. In these cases, there was no doubt the sex happened, no belief the girls were making up the whole stories, there was ample proof this happened. What was being disbelieved was whether or not it’s consensual.”

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