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Rev Run And Tyrese Gibson Sign Copies Of Their Book 'Manology: Secrets of a Man's Mind Revealed'

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With Father’s Day right around the corner, one of our favorite TV Pops stressed that his role on MTV’s popular “Run’s House” was really “important” to him.

Revered Run, 51, recently sat down with the Huffington Post and opened up about why sharing his family with the country mattered and why he was happy to do it.

On why he was happy to be a TV Dad:

“Me being a family man, being a husband, being a father, comes naturally, and I guess it’s a gift that God gave me so I could spread the knowledge of family. So it’s important to me, but it also comes pretty natural to me. It may not come as natural to everybody else.”

On how his own father encouraged him to be so open and public with his family:

“My father [Daniel Simmons Sr.] was a pretty good family man, so we’re all here to help each other, and it takes work. I love to post pictures of me and my family together. I love doing reality television with my family. So yeah, it’s a conscious effort to tell people about it; but also, not only is it a conscious effort, people find that when they start to get closer to their family that they’re making progress with their children. You get to know what’s in their life, you get to enjoy your wife and your children more, and you find out that the things that you think are the small things, are actually the big things.”

On how setting down changes a man:

“For me, from ‘Run’s House,’ to the cooking show, to the travel show, to the renovation show, you find out when you slow down that it’s very pleasurable to be with your family. You look at Jay Z, and he’s so calm now. You see after all that he’s been through, there [are] pictures with him walking on vacation, holding Blue Ivy’s hand with Beyoncé. And you see all these people becoming couples now. There are a bunch of artists who have watched my progress, and I feel pretty good that they saw ‘Run’s House,’ and it’s great.”

Debuting in 2005,  Run’s House,” which starred his wife, Justine, daughters Vanessa and Angela, and sons, JoJo, Diggy, and Russy, ran for 6 years, helping catapult ratings for the network. Since then, the Run clan has been front and center an other shows including “Rev Run’s Renovation,”  “Rev Run’s Sunday Suppers,” and “Rev Runs Around the World.”

Thank you for sharing the Run fam with us for all these years!

Who is your all-time favorite Black TV Dad?


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