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At this point, the tension between the African American community and law enforcement agencies across the nation, cannot be ignored.

Every headline, tweet, hashtag, news report, topic of conversation has been focused around the series of incidents that have involved excessive police force. Although the issue is nothing new in the black community, for the first time in history, cell phone recordings have proven the brutality of those wearing a badge against our community.

Jumping into the conversation are a gamut of celebrities who have been outspoken about the issue and potential solution.

In an open letter posted to Instagram, Kerry Washington says, “There are no words that can encapsulate the pain of our bleeding hearts.” Adding, “Today, again, I am called to put my hand on my heart and affirm that: I matter. MY life matters. As a human, my life matters. As a woman, my life matters. As a Black person, my life matters. My life matters. And yours does too. Whoever you are… The violence must stop. We must do better.”

The mother-of-one, with another on the way, is raising black children who she undoubtably is thinking about with every devastating incident.

Another mother who’s concerned, is Amber Rose who posted a photo of her son with a heartfelt caption. “I grabbed my baby and kissed him, hugged him, told him how beautiful his skin and hair is and let him know that one day he will be able to change the world and I will love him and accept him no matter what,” she says.

“What will my brown son’s future be?,” said Halle Berry in an Instagram post. “What will your brown son’s future be? The uncertainty is real. I beg you not to be a bystander in this life, but to go out and find ways to make peaceful change. Our boys need us so rather than launching into deep sentiment here on this platform, I promise to find ways to get involved and help. Please do the same. You can start by reaching out to your local politicians, legislators & government officials NOW. Let us be heard.”

Speaking from an interesting perspective having played Oscar Grant (an unarmed 22-year-old who was killed by police in 2009 after a train fight he wasn’t involved in) in Fruitvale Station, was Michael B. Jordan.

“I’m concerned about my mother, my sister, and all my magical black women that are left to pick up the pieces,” he said about the recent shootings— including of police officers in Dallas after a peaceful protest.

Adding, “Often they are not acknowledged or thanked for being on the front line fighting these battles for and with us, but know your continued strength, courage, and unwavering love and support gives us the strength to keep fighting. Finding solutions in these times of survival are seemingly hard to identify but we must continue to keep moving forward.”

There are also a lot of celebrities creating practical solutions to the problem, like Beyonce who shared a link to contact local legislatures, Solange Knowles who shared a list of black-owned banks and the Game and Snoop Dogg led a unification march for men to the Los Angeles Police Department’s headquarters.

“Let’s erase the fear of one another on both sides and start something new here in the city of Los Angeles, a city we all love & share,” said The Game. “There are many things that have to be done to rectify this situation that has plagued us for hundreds of years and UNIFICATION is the first step.”


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