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Though Michelle Obama’s remained largely quiet in regards to Melania Trump borrowing her 2008 DNC speech last week, the First Lady will break her silence on Monday night during her appearance at the Democratic National Convention as a keynote speaker.

Since the Obamas emerged nine years ago as President Obama catapulted from Illinois senator to leader of the free world, Michelle Obama has enjoyed unwavering support as one of the most popular first ladies ever.

Looking back to Obama’s 2008 convention speech, the First Lady struggled with her public image after pundits lambasted her for comments they viewed as anti-American. What followed was a controversial cover of The New Yorker and a press campaign to overhaul the negative rhetoric surrounding Obama and her legacy.

“I’m glad that she was selected to speak on the first night, the opening night of a historic convention,” Donna Brazile, the popular Democratic strategist turned interim DNC chairwoman, said in an interview with The Washington Post. “The country trusts her. People know she’s authentic and will be honest, and want to know what she thinks.”

According to The Post, Obama’s Monday night speech will outright endorse Hillary Clinton, who the First Lady has been somewhat distant from since the 2008 election.

Obama is expected to discuss the importance of the presidential role in relation to America’s children and how it inspires ethics and goal setting. Pundits also expect her to intertwine her working class upbringing, emerging as one of the most powerful women in the world, to Clinton’s trajectory and her fitness for the presidency.

The DNC hopes Obama will help rally the base of young voters who came out in droves during the last two elections. Obama remains popular among Democratic voters as a recent Pew Research Center reports 68 percent of voters who support Barack Obama gave him a rating of 76 or more on the 100-points scale, while 67 percent gave the same rating to Michelle Obama.

“She is there, in part, to be a coda and also to be a bridge,” said Andra Gillespie, according to the Post. Gillespie is a political scientist at Emory University. “She’s there to wrap up the Obama administration and provide a transition to what a Clinton presidency could be.”

Stay tuned to NewsOne as we bring you updates on the First Lady’s speech.

SOURCE: The Washington Post, Pew Research Center | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty


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