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Another day, another cop not being held accountable for using excessive force.

The white South Carolina police officer who caused national outrage after he hurled a Black female high school student over a desk will not face criminal charges, the New York Daily News reported.

On Friday, Solicitor Dan Johnson said that assault at Spring Valley High school looked “worse on video” and that he found no “probable cause” to charge Ben Fields.


As HELLO BEAUTIFUL previously reported, last October when a female student refused to surrender her phone, Fields wrapped his arms around the petite student’s neck, flipped her over the desk and dragged her along the floor. He later handcuffed her. Another student Niya Kenny stepped in trying to defend her classmate and was later arrested and released on a $1,000 bond. Her charges were also dropped on Friday. 

The 12-page report prepared by prosecutors consisted of medical records and interviews and statements from over a dozen witnesses, including Fields, who seemed to have no regrets for how he violently addressed the student.

“I realized that I was going to have to physically remove the student from her seat to effectuate her arrest,” he said, blaming the student for why the desk flipped over because her legs were wrapped around it, the Daily News noted. However, Fields’ supervisor wasn’t pleased with his employee’s behavior, firing him two days later and even called the FBI and the Justice Department to look into the incident. 

Prosecutor Johnson agreed with Fields firing, but stressed that moving forward both schools and police need to have deeper conversations about how deputies should be used in schools and the need for special training, WZZM News wrote

Of course, this news of Fields not being charged was met with a lot of pushback:


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