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On this edition, Denise Hill discusses the important issue of Domestic Violence with an organization doing some very important work providing shelter and improving the lives of women who have experienced domestic violence – My Sister’s Place.

Clothesline Project – October 7th from 10 am – 3 pm

In 1990, domestic violence advocates in Massachusetts launched the Clothesline Project. Survivors told their stories of abuse, despair, hope, and empowerment by expressing their feelings and experiences through their own art on t-shirts, which were then displayed on clotheslines and hung throughout the community. Since then, many advocates have used this display as a way to raise awareness about domestic violence and the impact it has on real lives.

MSP began the Clothesline Project in 1997, but wanted to do more. Victims of domestic violence often suffer in silence, and the Clothesline Project gives them a voice. We wanted to make sure our clients were heard. In 2013, we held the first Clothesline Project on the National Mall.

Real survivors, served by MSP and our partners, told their stories on t-shirts. Victim advocates and volunteers wore the shirt and held the clothesline – delivering a powerful display. Our Clothesline Project draws attention to this pervasive public health issue and showcases our community ís support for all people women, men and children who have experienced domestic violence.

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