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You might know Nick Verreos from Season 2 of Project Runway or as a Mentor on ‘Under The Gunn,’ however, he has been in the fashion industry for many years. Paying attention to detail and wanting to be the best, he attended fashion school for fashion design, learning all the essentials from draping to design. His line, NIKOLAKI, co-designed with his business partner, David Paul, was in over 150 stores. He currently has a line, NV by Nick Verreos, that is sold on QVC UK, and now, he can add author to his resume.

Passion For Fashion: Achieving Your Fashion Dreams One Thread At A Time gives all the fashion advice and tips that you could need if you are interested in succeeding as a fashion designer. Nick admits to Hello Beautiful, “When I started NIKOLAKI, I remember that I wanted help from other designers and the fashion industry…and no one helped me!” Have questions about how to get in a showroom? Nick answers. How much money do you need to have a line for buyers to see it? Nick answers. He’s answering all the questions, “I wanted to write a  book so I could give out all the advice and all the help and also to tell other young kids wanting to get into fashion, how I got to where I got.” He gives the antidotes and at the end of each section, he tells you what to do. Talk about helpful.

Nick sat down exclusively with Hello Beautiful and provided a major key for individuals interested in entering the fashion industry: know your customer. Nick reveals, “One of the biggest mistakes is not knowing who your market is. Really define who your girl or guy is. It could be Martha in Missouri. Create a story. Come up with someone real and then how would she dress? In terms of a fashion designer, what would she own in her closet? What would she have? Create that closet for her.”

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Knowing your customer is super important, because you cannot design a line strictly for yourself, if you want to sell. Nick continues, “A lot of young designers come up with a vision of this glorified woman, that doesn’t exist.”

Nick also talks how he used his platform on Project Runway to further propel his career. You never know who is watching.  Nick remembers, “When I went on Project Runway, I constantly was thinking, my mom and dad are watching, so I have to behave myself.” He also advises to stay pleasant and humble, as well as to say yes to everything. “They would ask the winner or first runner up to do these interviews and they would say no. They would go down the list and would eventually get down to me and I would say yes. Soon, they stopped asking them.”

His biggest piece of advice? “Get the coffee.” Raise your hand and volunteer for all and any opportunities. Go above and beyond and show up on time.

Want more fashion tips for success in the fashion industry? Get Nick Verreos’ book, here.


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