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Julia Martin had everything going for her before she dated and broke up with her ex-boyfriend, Rodney Harvey. The 28-year-old died of multiple stab wounds on October 7 after police say her ex-fiancé ambushed her at her home in Chicago. Julia’s father, Derrick Martin, said his daughter told him the week before that she planned on ending things with Harvey and give his ring back.

Derrick recalled, “She never went into that much detail about how bad it was, she was just telling me that they had broke it off and that she was planning on giving the ring back.” According to reports, when she broke up with Harvey and he came to collect the engagement ring, he not only stabbed her to death, but also jumped from her apartment and committed suicide.

A severely wounded Julia called 911 and told the dispatcher the name of the person who attacked her, just before making a call to her dad. Derrick told the Chicago Tribune that Julia was calling and texting him and other loved ones begging for help. He revealed, “She called another friend and she was panting over the phone trying to get her breath. He thought it was a prank and he hung up on her.”

Julia then sent her dad a text message saying, ‘Call me ASAP,’ but he didn’t see it until his daughter was dead. Julia and Rodney Harvey were rushed to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, and pronounced dead shortly after. Martin’s death was ruled a homicide, while Harvey’s death was deemed a suicide. Harvey’s mother, Lynda Crawford Harvey, launched a GoFundMe campaign asking for donations to help cover her son’s funeral expenses.

In just a few days, the fundraiser has drawn $6,250 in donations, surpassing its initial goal of $4,000. Ironically enough, there was no mention of Julia Martin, and Mrs. Harvey wrote that her son “died unexpectedly.”

SOURCE: Daily Mail | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Twitter 

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