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Sec. Of State Clinton Speaks To Students At A New York Charter School

A White teacher from Texas is under fire after he shoved a young Black child in the face for not obeying.

Not only did he push the small child, he called him “boy” instead of using his name. According to Bossip, Snook, Texas, school district teacher Troy Vann has been removed from his position:

“The Snook school district has removed an employee from his position after a video posted online showed him repeatedly pushing a small child in a classroom.

Facebook user Stacy LeeAnn Gutierrez, a parent of a child in the district, posted a video of the incident late last night, which quickly gained a large amount of attention. In the 29-second clip, a man is seen picking up a small child and pushing him down into a bean bag several times against the boy’s will.”

Apparently, an administrator caught wind of the damning video and attempted to erase it, but there was already a copy made just in case.

Gutierrez said in the Facebook post that her son recorded the video and showed it to an administrator at the school. The administrator watched the clip then erased it, she said. However, Gutierrez said her son had already sent the recording to another device “to keep a copy.”

According to a statement released by the Snook school district shortly after the video surfaced online, the district immediately removed the instructor from duty “pending a full review and investigation of the matter.”

Here’s what the administration had to say in a statement:

“The Snook ISD Administration became aware of an incident of concern in which a Snook ISD employee was attempting to exert discipline and control over a young student,” the statement read. “The incident was immediately reported by another student to the principal. The principal did an excellent job in quickly obtaining and preserving available video evidence from school cameras and a student’s mobile device. … Our top priority is for our students to be treated in a safe and respectful manner when they are in our care.”

A longer statement released by the school district Friday afternoon said the staff member was a behavior specialist.

In the statement, Snook ISD Superintendent Brenda W. Krchnak said she has ordered a review of the district’s “faculty and staff use of discipline and restraint.”

Watch the disturbing clip below.


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