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CA: LAPD Gang Unit

Source: Robert Nickelsberg / Getty

Last month, a White police officer slammed Fort Worth, Texas mom Jacqueline Craig into the ground after she called 911 on her neighbor. Instead of reprimanding the White neighbor, who’d allegedly put Craig’s 7-year-old son in a chokehold because he threw a piece of paper on the ground, the officer questioned Craig’s mothering – and asked why she didn’t teach her son not to litter. Moments later, Officer William Martin wrestled Craig to the ground, put a taser in her back, and also pointed the taser at her children, before charging at and tackling Craig’s teenage daughter.

The officer in question was suspended for just 10 days, and (with good reason) Craig no longer feels safe in her home or protected by police, so she did something about it.

From Daily Mail:

Twenty people armed with guns were taken into custody while patrolling outside the home of a mother who says she no longer feels safe after she was brutally arrested last month. Police in Fort Worth, Texas, detained the large group of people after they were called to the home of Jacqueline Craig on Saturday. Police also took the guns away from the group.

The report says her armed militia did not point their guns at anyone. The site continues:

Speaking on Sunday, a lawyer representing the Craig said Saturday’s patrol took place because the family does not feel protected by police anymore, according to the Dallas Morning News. The group who were on guard around the home stepped forward to help Craig and her children, Lee Merritt said. ‘They felt it was their responsibility to come up and show their support,’ the attorney said.

Following his suspension, Officer Martin will reportedly go back to work in the same neighborhoods he was covering prior to the incident with Craig and her children. Because that’s a great idea.

The Craig family had asked for Martin to be fired, and their lawyer accused him of racism – because the neighbor they complained about it white. Fort Worth police Chief Joel Fitzgerald said earlier this month once Martin’s punishment is finished he will return to the same neighborhood. ‘He’s ready to get back to work, he’s very sorry for what transpired,’ Fitzgerald said at a press conference on January 9. 

See photos of Craig’s armed militia here.

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