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According to National Today, Today is National Spouse Day!  So today be intentional with your spouse and spend some quality time with them today!

Why We Love Spouses (and National Spouses Day)

A. We can be 100% ourselves with our spouse

Unlike Valentine’s Day, National Spouses Day isn’t about fancy gifts or elegant dinners. It’s about spending quality time with your spouse and appreciating the ways they enrich your life. Your spouse knows you better than anyone else does—so there’s no need to get glammed up and impress. Just be yourself. That’s why your spouse loves you!

B. They make married tax breaks possible

Not only is marriage like living with your best friend—it’s also financially beneficial! More than 50% of married couples pay less money to the IRS than they would if they were single. If that’s not a reason to celebrate our spouse, we don’t know what is!

C. They make boring life situations fun

Trips to Ikea, grocery shopping, going to your cousin’s wedding, and apartment hunting are all a drag. But when you’re married, they present endless opportunities for fun adventures. As long as your spouse is by your side, nothing is boring.


How to Celebrate National Spouses Day

1. Dine out at your favorite restaurant

Every married couple has a go-to restaurant. Whether it’s the local burger joint with the extra loaded cheese fries, or the fancy French establishment overlooking the river, treat each other to a quiet dinner. The topic of conversation? How much you love and support each other.

2. Enjoy a low-key night at home

If you have kids, hire a sitter for the night. This day is all about you and your spouse. Pop in a movie, cook dinner together, put together a jigsaw puzzle—it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as it’s in each other’s company, with no distractions.

3. Play the Newlywed Game

This game is all the more fun if you’re not a newlywed. You may live together, but how well do you and your spouse actually know each other? If you don’t have the board game, find some Newlywed Game questions online.

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