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Chance the Rapper is using his platform as a three-time Grammy award winner, for good. On Friday the 23-year-old sat down with Governor Bruce Rauner (R-IL) to discuss education, shelters and other issues facing Chicago.

As reported by Okayplayer, Chance’s community activism stems from his friends and family. He still makes regular appearances at Open Mic nights at the Harold Washington Library, and most recently he bought out a Chatham movie theater showing of Get Out and offered free tickets to anyone who showed up. After winning three Grammys in a historic and unprecedented move — Gov. Rauner sent a congratulatory tweet to the rapper who responded with a request to sit-down and talk about the city they both call home.

But Chance’s response after walking out of the 30-minute meeting revealed that things didn’t go as smoothly as planned.

“I’m a little bit flustered, just a little bit,” he said. “I thought that that went a little bit different than it should have. I’m here because I just want people to do their jobs. And I did speak to the governor, I asked him about funding for CPS with that $215 million that we discussed in May of last year. It was vetoed in December.”

Adding, “We spoke for a second, it sounded like we were going somewhere… but it’s hinged on passing other bills. I’m not a politician, I’m here because I’m a dad, I’m an after school teacher. I can about the kids. So we talked for a second, it sounded like there may be something happening next week. He asked me where the $215 million was gonna come from… I want people to do their jobs. I want y’all to do your jobs, as a matter of fact. If I could, like seriously, if all your publications that you work for and the international publications out there, Complex Billboard, people that post about me walking down the street and s**t. If you guys, could give a comprehensive history on how we ended up here.”

When asked about what the governor said, Chance responded, “he gave me a lot of vague answers.”

Later on Twitter he had a better outlook on the meeting, but continued to challenge the media to report on Chicago’s school system.

The majority of Chicago Public School students are non-white, and in the past few years budget freezes and bipartisan disagreement has stalled these institutions from getting the money they need.

Even if Chance’s meeting doesn’t immediately help the situation, it already brought attention to the complacency within the Chicago judicial system.


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