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While many of our 2017 NCAA March Madness brackets were busted, a seventh grader from Charlotte put everyone to shame. According to the Charlotte Observer Sasha Anderson, a student at Mountain Island Lake Academy, correctly predicted the teams that made it to the Final Four.

From the Charlotte Observer:

The 7th-grader’s pick crushed millions of other brackets across the nation, in part from a big assist from the University of South Carolina, which was not expected to make it nearly this far. (That was not a random selection, by the way. She picked the team for a very special reason.)

Sasha’s bracket was part of a competition designed by her math teacher, Denzelle Lawson, who uses the tournament each year as an opportunity to engage his students to learn about colleges across the country in a fun way.

Lawson has students fill out a bracket at the start of the tournament. He creates a point system that awards each correct matchup prediction, and posts each student’s bracket in a hallway for everyone to see. At the end of each round, Lawson highlights each bracket to see which students are in the lead. That’s how he discovered Sasha had predicted the Final Four.

According to the outlet, it was Sasha’s first time filling out a March Madness bracket and her predictions were better than some of the teachers at her school.

Sasha believes that North Carolina will win the championship title.

SOURCE: Charlotte Observer


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