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Doe Eye-deep In Tall Prairie Grass

Source: David C Stephens / Getty

Interactions with deer range from distant admiration to trying to avoid them on a interstate highway. But don’t get it confused, the deer are out here…and if you don’t get out of their way, trust, you’ll get ran over.

One man in British Columbia experienced this firsthand two Saturdays ago. Twenty-five-year-old Cary McCook was exiting a vehicle when he took one look to the left and bam — a random deer tackled. Video below:

McCook was absolutely not prepared.

“As I was turning my brain couldn’t process what was coming at me and by the time I knew it, [I had] already had gotten hit by ‘Bambi’ that was being chased by a dog,” McCook explained to Global News.

So a dog is behind all of this? McCook retrieved the hotel camera footage to prove it. He obtained the footage of him being caught in the line of a dog-deer chase when friends and family didn’t believe him. It didn’t help that McCook’s incident happened on April Fools Day.

McCook, who is also a First Nations hip-hop artist and a member of a group called Reka-NatioN from the sekani/Tahltan nation, posted the video he recovered on Facebook. It has since gone viral with 23,000 views and counting.

McCook did not suffer any serious injuries, but he assured, “I haven’t experienced or seen anything like this in my 25 years in the wilderness and for me to get out of the woods and into a urban area and for that to happen, not only shocked me but made me realize anything good can happen on any given moment.”

“Good?” If you say so!

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