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The notorious Facebook Live murderer made sure to name drop his ex-girlfriend in the video of him taking 74-year-old Robert Godwin Sr.’s life.

Ever since then, people have been wondering who Joy Lane is and what she did to Steve Stephens that caused him to snap. The murderer’s former lover met up with Godwin’s family and spoke out about the alleged killing spree that lead to Stephens being put on the FBI’s most wanted list before he was found dead in his car.

Despite the high tension, the daughters of Robert Godwin Sr. met up with Lane and reassured her that Stephens’ actions were not her fault. In an interview with Fox 59 News, Lane talked about how the disturbing video has completely changed her life, saying, “The hashtags Joy Lane, Joy Lane massacre, I don’t even know who Joy Lane is anymore, or how to pick up all the pieces of my world at this moment. I’ve got a lot of negative comments. Some even said he should have killed me.”

She told Tonya and Debbie Godwin during their meeting, “I feel bad; the last thing he would have said is my name and he didn’t know me or why he was saying.” The sisters consoled Joy as they prayed for each other. Lane says that her last conversation with Stephens was last Saturday and he told her he had quit his job and was moving out of state. She said they remained friends after their break-up, and she wanted to get him help for his gambling problem.

Check out the emotional interview above.


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