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John Gray

Source: OWN

The Electronic Urban Report (EUR), asked John Gray what they learned from filming The Book of John Gray.  This was Pastor Gray’s response:

…I don’t! I don’t care how they perceive our family, as long as we know the truth because I can’t control how people will interpret our lives once it’s disseminated. The fear is the unknown. They’re going to say ugly things on the internet like, ‘John Gray is fat,’ or ‘your wife is ugly!’ And these people usually have 13 followers with a private page.

So, I told my wife, you can’t respond (to internet trolls) because the moment you respond, you bring them to your platform and give them a microphone they never had. What I’ve learned from this experience is, I’m enough. I didn’t become anything for this show to happen, I was me. Whatever that means people are going to see it. We hope people walk away with understanding that whatever station of life you are in…you don’t have to become anything, you don’t have to conjure or manifest or hate on anybody else, just be authentically who you are in the moment you’re in. If it’s your time, it’s your time. Right now, it’s our time and when it’s somebody else’s time, we’re going to celebrate them.

Good ANSWER!!!!! See the full interview here:  and check out the The Book of John Gray Saturday nights on the OWN Network!