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Apple Store Soho Presents Meet The Musician: Hezekiah Walker

Source: John Lamparski / Getty

Bishop Hezekiah Walker, born December 24th, 1962, in a crime and drug infested Brooklyn housing project, Walker grew up without a father, and his loving mother died young.  Although he had been singing solos in church since the age of eight, Walker didn’t give his life to Christ until he was 13 years old.  He began the Love Fellowship Crusade Choir in 1985 as a weekend outlet for his musical proclivities.  this outlet led to a recording contract with Sweet Rain Records in 1987.  The choir, which started with 12 members and grew to 100, displayed a youthful exuberance with contemporary song arrangements that more than compensated for their lack of vocal technique and finesse.  However, most gospel consumers don’t buy music for technique, they responded to emotional connection of the performer to the music and on the debut LP I’ll Make It in 1987.

AXS list the top 10 Hezekiah Walker Songs of all time:

10. “How Much You Can Bear”, 1997 By Any Mean Necessary album with LFC.

9.I’ll Make It”, Family Affair II – Live At Radio City Music Hall album featuring LFC and John P. Kee

8. “Faithful Is Our God”, 2005 20/85 The Experience

7. Second Chance”, 1997 By Any Mean Necessary album with LFC

6.  “God Favored Me”, 2008 Souled Out

5. I’ve Got a Reason”, 2004 Family Affair album with LFC.”

4. I Need You to Survive”,  2004 Family Affair II – Live At Radio City Music Hall

3. “Grateful”, 2005 20/85 The Experience 

2. “99 & Half”, 2003 Live in New York…By Any Means Neccessary featuring LFC

1.Every Praise”, 2013 single from the Azusa, The Next Generation album.

Bishop Hezekiah Walker is the predecessor of Bishop Kenneth Moales, Sr. as the Presiding Bishop of the Pentecostal Churches of Christ.  Bishop Wlaker Pastors, Love Fellowship Tabernacle Church in Brooklyn, NY and Bensalem, PA.  He just signed an 80 million dollar deal for New York City to build a brand new church and affordable housing project in Brooklyn, New York.

What’s your TOP 5 Hezekiah Walker song?

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