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One New York bride did everything in her power to make sure that her dad, who suffered a paralyzing injury 10 years ago, was included in her wedding day.

Chavuanne Cousins, 32,  and her father, Dorian Wills, 52,  were initially both worried about how they would pull of the traditional father, daughter dance without a hitch once Cousins announced her engagement.

“OK, let’s figure out how to do it. It wasn’t a question of him not being in it,” Cousins said in an interview with ABC News.

In 2007, Wills was paralyzed after he suffered a bad fall during a skiing trip that left him unconscious. Wills shared that he was wiling to go to great lengths to make the moment happen.

“I even thought about buying a wheelchair that actually stands you up vertically, but the investment was just too costly,” he explained. “I couldn’t pull it off before the wedding.”

“She’s always been the sunshine of my life,” Willis told ABC News.

And to tie it all in, the two danced the night away to “Sunshine of My Life,” sung by the legendary Stevie Wonder.

“I’m his oldest daughter so I’m the first one to get married and I could just see the look in his eyes. It was so special,” she said.



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