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Last September, the family of Tawon Boyd faced the unthinkable when the young Maryland man died in the hospital from the injuries he sustained from the Baltimore County Police. Now, the family has filed a lawsuit to get justice for Boyd and hopefully change the innerworkings of the local police department.

Tawon Boyd merely called 911 for help back in September 2016, when Baltimore County Police arrived and a deadly struggle ensued that changed his family’s life forever. Now Boyd’s family is filing a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of Boyd, who died three days later in the hospital from his injuries, as reported by The Root.

Via The Root:

The lawsuit—filed by Boyd’s mother, Martha Boyd, and the mother of his son, Deona Styron—alleges that officers used excessive force against the 21-year-old and that, combined with the antipsychotic drug given to him by paramedics, contributed to his death, the Baltimore Sun reports.

The complaint says, “[T]hese individual police officer defendants assaulted and battered Tawon Boyd while he was restrained by handcuffs and in custody resulting in his severe injuries and trauma to his body contributing to his death, and otherwise used excessive force and unwarranted force.”

The suit names as defendants Officers Michael Bowman, D. Garland, Pearin D. Holt, Bryn M. Blackburn and Andrew Seckens, as well as paramedic Tyler Armstrong and EMT Kenneth Burns. It further alleges that the medical team violated state law by giving Boyd the antipsychotic drug Haldol, which it says caused him to go into cardiac arrest and organ failure.

Following the court filing Dwight Pettit, the Boyd family’s attorney, spoke to reporters about the suit and why the family decided to file. “After some investigation, we decided that there were two basic reasons for Mr. Boyd’s death: one, the beating that he incurred, and two, the medical treatment that he received.” Pettit also noted that Boyd was the one who called for help, and added, “The irony about this case is that he was not in any way violent.”


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