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In this edition of Love Talking, Erica Campbell talks about the responses to OWN’s “Black Love” documentary. Erica talks about the importance of looking at love in the more realistic way shown by the documentary, instead of simply thinking about the idealism of it all. She talks about the beauty of the documentary being that you can even see the love between couples as they are talking about hardships they have gone through.

She says after hers and Warryn‘s part aired, she got texts from friends who were sharing their surprise at some of the things they learned about the couple. Erica explains that it’s important to keep some things within the marriage, because once you tell other people, they’re still not over it even after you have worked on it as couple. And the truth about perfect love is that it goes through these rough patches together, and comes out stronger on the other side. Check out this exclusive video to hear more in this clip from “Get Up! Mornings With Erica Campbell.”

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