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Life key:  Your body only knows what the mind tells it.  Take exercise and the excruciating “pain” that often accompanies trying to get in shape.  Your Body only knows that it is having a physical response to the experience.  It does not know whether this reaction is bad or good, tolerable or intolerable.  It is your mind that tells your body how to interpret the experience.  If you believe in your mind that you cannot do another push up or thrush squat, then your body has no choice but to agree.  But if your mind tells your body, “Hey! This is good for me!  I’m getting stronger! I can do it! I want to live and be healthy!” Then your body will respond accordingly.  Professional athletes are great examples of this and the same is true of our spiritual quest as well.  The next time you are having a negative reaction, evaluate what your mind is telling you about your experience.

Pray:  Dear God…#unlockmylife by using the power of my mind to create new paradigms for my life, where they are needed.  I understand that beliefs follow actions that yield results.  I will take action to create the life of my design and dreams…AMEN!

Scripture:  Philippians 2:5 Let this mind be in you which is also in Christ Jesus

Excerpts from “My Unlocked Life!” A 60 day journey to unlock our power and reclaim your dreams.  By Veda A. McCoy


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