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Mary Mary recap

Source: Wetv / WeTV

It might be the last season of “Mary Mary,” but the ladies are giving us a video of what has been going on from season 1 to now. During the first several seasons the group faced disagreements, pregnancies all while trying to record and album and tour.


We’ve watched the sisters transform over the seasons and their families grow. Through each season though the sisters never gave up and remained faithful with each challenge put in front of them.In the past season we’ve watched Erica Campbell in her solo career, host her radio show “Get Up! Mornings With Erica Campbell,” be a First Lady of her church and still maintain her home life.

Her sister Tina Campbell is also managing a solo career, still building the relationship between her and Teddy as well as trying to raise her kids.

If there is anything people can take from the “Mary Mary” show its that family always stick together. Working with your sister isn’t always easy, but you make it through and always remain faithful.

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