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UPDATE: 10/23 2:20 P.M. EST

On Monday’s episode of “The Real,” host Jeannie Mai became visibly emotional as she confirmed she’s divorcing Freddy Harteis, her husband of 10 years.

“To this day, I mean it honestly, he’s the best man I know. He really is. I married him because he’s like my dad. He’s very loyal, very compassionate, so funny–an awesome guy.”

Mai and her Harteis are reportedly parting ways because of their discrepancies over having children. Mai previously discussed that at the start of their relationship, the couple decided they did not want kids, but her husband now yearns for a child of his own.

She continued that the grounds for the divorce had nothing to do with infidelity. “In our 13 years of being together, there was never any lies, no betrayal, no cheating, nothing,” she said.

Mai finished by saying that sometimes she “kept things too real” on the show, exposing her personal struggles with her co-hosts and fans.

Watch the emotional clip above.


“The Real” host Jeannie Mai is divorcing her husband Freddy Harteis after 10 years of marriage, a rep for the TV host confirmed to People Magazine.

An emotional Jeannie addressed speculation around her relationship during a segment on the show where her co-hosts revealed what yes or no question they would ask God. Jeannie opened up about the crossroad she faced when she realized her husband wanted to have children despite her not ever feeling that way.

“You know how much I love Freddy, my husband. He’s my life. And before we got married, I was very clear about the fact that I probably would not have kids, just because I’ve never felt that. And now, getting older, he definitely seems like he wants kids, and he actually came out and said that he wants children,” she explained.

She added, “So right now we are clinging to each other, and we’re waiting for God to kind of tell us what that means, and it’s kind of weird to go to sleep every single night holding on to that person you love so much, not knowing where it’s gonna go.”

Watch the clip below:

Ladies, would you divorce your man if he wanted children, but you didn’t?


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