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Garbage Can At Illuminated Subway Station

Source: Jerry Hong / EyeEm / Getty

A new era is approaching for New York City subways.

Instead of swiping through a turnstile, folks will be able to tap their way into a subway stop or bus. This style of fare payment is already used in places like Washington D.C. and it seems the MTA is finally hopping on board.

Riders will have various digital options to pay their fare in the future, from waving (or tapping) their cell phones, to using certain kinds of debit and credit cards. Certain mobile apps and even Apple Pay will also be set up to get you on the bus or train.

The new system is also expected to cover fare payments on commuter rail lines like Long Island Railroad or Metro-North. If everything is approved by the MTA board next week, riders will be able to use the new fare payment on 500 station turnstiles and 600 buses by spring of 2019.

The system should be in place citywide by September 2020, while MetroCards are set to phase out in 2023.

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