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Baby boy lying on stomach, overhead view

Source: Lindsay Upson / Getty

Police officer Ryan Holets life changed after he responded to an alleged theft near a convenience store. According to WTVR, when he left the scene there was a couple lying near the wall. The man and women were using drugs and he noticed the woman was pregnant.

Holets said, “It’s not every day I see a sight like that and it just made me really sad.” On his body cam footage you can hear him saying to the mother, “You’re going to kill your baby. Why do you have to be doing that stuff?” It’s going to ruin your baby.” The woman was sad by the words the officer said and told him that she was 8 months pregnant and was addicted to heroin.


Holets showed her a picture of his family, which included his wife and four children. He then asked her to adopt her baby and said, “I was led by God to take the chance. God brought us all together. I really don’t have any other way to explain it.” The women gave birth later that month and Holets as well as his wife were there. Her mother named her Hope and that was the last time she saw her at the hospital. Holets and his family are happy they got this opportunity and are taking good care of baby Hope.

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