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A Black Florida couple displayed the ultimate act of selflessness during this holiday season after officially adopting seven siblings, the Today Show reported.

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In efforts to give the children the gift of growing up under one roof Sofia and DaShoan Olds—who previously had no kids—made it their mission to legally welcome the children into their family, the news outlet writes. The Olds learned about the children through a Facebook post earlier this year. The children—Gentry, Necia, Keyon, Eric, Erica, Dava, and Zavian—were living in separate homes but always longed to be raised together. The Olds had considered adoption before but had no plans of bringing this many kids into their home, however, after being touched by their story they felt obligated to do so.

“There was no question asked. If they allow us to adopt these children, we will do it,” Sofia told the news outlet. “I like to say I felt like it was a calling, honestly. When I saw that picture, it was automatic.”

The couple has been focused on getting them into a routine with school and extracurricular activities. Despite having to adapt to financially supporting seven youngsters, the transition has been seamless. The children are excited to have the opportunity to make memories in the same household for years to come.

“I never actually had a mom and dad under the same roof, but it feels great. It’s like they’re both half of something, like peanut butter and jelly,” one of the children told the news outlet. Another child described the reunion as a “dream come true.”

According to the Huffington Post, there are nearly two-thirds of children across the country who are in the foster care system. Many of those children end up being adopted separately.

SOURCE: Today Show, Huffington Post


Watch: Student And Teacher United By Adoption In A Touching Ceremony

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