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Source: Joshua Blanchard / Getty

Tomi Lahren had a completely hilarious reaction to this obviously photoshopped image that began circulating Twitter over this holiday weekend. The picture is made to look like a Fox News screenshot in which the conservative commentator is discussing the fake holiday made famous by Seinfeld. The news alert at the bottom of the screen read: “Tomi: Obama Created Festivus To Destroy Christmas.” Clearly a joke playing off of Donald Trump‘s pride in supposedly being the reason people are saying “Merry Christmas,” it’s honestly not a stretch that the political commentator would say something of this caliber–but everyone got the joke except for Lahren.

Tomi got more than a little heated over this meme and felt the need to defend herself against all the critics who were tweeting it out and getting in on the joke.  She tweeted to one source, “You idiots think this is real? Have you nothing better to do than photoshop fake news? Get a hobby. Go for a walk. Do something. Good Lord.” And to another she replied, “Does it not bother you to circulate a photoshopped piece of FAKE NEWS? Classy.” She wanted to make sure that nobody was confused, and apparently she doesn’t actually think Obama created Festivus.

One of the best parts of this whole thing? One of Seinfeld’s stars, Jason Alexander, actually thought this whole thing was real. That’s what happens when shock value is your everyday dialogue…


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