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Life wasn’t easy for Pat Polis and changed for the better after serving two tours in Vietnam. Polis was only 19-years-old when he was drafted into the Army and will never forget that day. According to WBIR, he is now 71 and is known to people in his congregation as Reverend Doctor Polis.

He said, “It’s a powerful … it’s a powerful thing, it never leaves you.” Polis wasn’t religious and never grew up in church. While in the army he met a First Sergeant and he introduced God to him and even gave him his first bible. He read it all the time and began to have a relationship with God.

After leaving the war he became a business leader, but didn’t feel he belonged in this field. Polis spoke about the day he felt the presence of God. He said, “I heard a voice, not audibly, but in here say, ‘I’m calling you.” That year his life transformed and he became a pastor in 1993. His service in sacrifice for his country was a hard time, but serving the Lord is what he was always called to do.

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