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Federal investigators are hunting for a woman suspected of robbing at least nine banks in the Atlanta area over the past three month, reported. Her latest bank job happened Thursday in Dallas, Georgia.

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“She’s been dubbed the ‘Freedom Fighter Bandit.’ Because whenever she goes in she passes a note or tells the teller that she’s robbing the bank for some social cause,” said Kevin Rowson, an FBI spokesperson in Atlanta.

However, in the most recent robberies, the suspect, 25-year-old Nilsa Marie Urena, did not use a note. Instead, Urena announced that she had a bomb before claiming that the robbery was for a cause. However, authorities do not believe that she carries a weapon during the robberies.

Urena typically uses different male accomplices for each robbery. Investigators believe she recruited them online. They arrested two of the man after a robbery in Loganville. However, neither of them knew much about Urena. Investigators also arrested a 17-year-old suspect after a robbery in Douglasville, according to WSB-TV. He claimed that he met her while walking down the street. After a brief sexual encounter that day, she asked him to participate in a bank heist. He at first declined because it seemed “too risky,” but he eventually helped Urena by passing a note to a teller. Authorities charged the teen as an adult.

“We don’t know where she’s from. We don’t know what her ties are to the Atlanta area,” the FBI spokesman said. In fact, she does not appear to have any ties to Georgia. Officials declined to say how much money she’s stolen, but they suggested that it’s a relatively small amount because she continues to take risks.


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