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Willie Moore Jr.’s wife has him on what he calls a grass and shake diet to help them stay in shape, but he’s not too sure about how he feels because it isn’t easy. Luckily Laila Ali has a new cook book called Food For Life: Delicious & Healthy Comfort Food From My Table To Yours! that can help him get in the spirit of healthy eating.

“This is a thing we all always or what we should be striving to be in our best health right? Everybody goes about that a different way,” expressed Ali. ” You know, me being an athlete, I know what it takes for me to be at my best. And I learned that through food.”

So many people have been surprised by the fact this boxing great can cook, but she’s actually been cooking for a long time.

“This isn’t new. I’ve been cooking since I was about 9 or 10-years-old. Yah I was cooking before I was boxing but people just didn’t know that and you know I have two children,” explained Ali. “A 6-year-old and a 9-year-old a husband of my own. I cook dinner on a regular basis 5-6 days out of the week and you know I take it pretty seriously.”

Buy her new cookbook now available everywhere.


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