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Premiere Of Disney And Marvel's 'Black Panther' - Arrivals

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Chadwick Boseman‘s T’Challa has some solid support behind the throne with Angela Bassett and Letitia Wright for their roles in Black Panther.

If one thing is made crystal clear, genius runs in the family. While T’Challa is a master engineer and politician, his sister, Shuri (played by Letitia) is just as impressive.

Shuri has an incredibly innovative mind and she leads the Wakandan Design Group developing the astounding technology that makes Wakanda such a powerhouse–in particular the Panther Habits. That’s right, she’s the woman behind Black Panther’s suit. She’s such an engineering master  that her designs for the Black Panther suit may even be more advanced than Iron Man’s armor!

Her latest project? Watching over Buckey Barnes (aka The Winter Soldier). Buckey is currently on ice in the secluded, uncolonized African nation.

The other woman in T’Challa’s life is a bit of a mystery

Not much is known about Ramonda. In canon, she is not T’Chaka’s first wife, so she’s actually T’Challa’s stepmother. In the movie, however, it seems that Ramonda is his birth mom. No matter her origin, what we can say is that she pushes her children to rise to the occasion. While T’Challa may have reservations about stepping into his father T’Chaka’s role at first, Ramonda assures him that he is more than ready to rule Wakanda and protect it as The Black Panther.

It looks like we’ll have to find out more about Ramonda when Black Panther premieres!


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