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On January 26, in Milwaukee, several police vehicles were called for backup before officers used a taser to violently arrest an unarmed NBA player over a parking violation in a Walgreens lot. Aggressive force was used on Sterling Brown, then 22, all because the Milwaukee Bucks rookie parked his car across handicapped spaces, according to police. But after video of the arrest was released in May, three of the officers involved were suspended for 15 days over the incident.

Now additional video has come out, showing how cavalier the officers were about the arrest. They were more focused on money and being called racists than properly protecting and serving their community.

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According to, during the arrest, one officer says, “Can you let the lieut know I need to go on the overtime board if I’m not already?” he said. He then started to sing “money money.”

In addition, clearly knowing there was unnecessary force, one of the officers said, “The bureau is coming out for this? … We’re trying to protect ourselves .. because he plays for the Bucks, and if he makes a complaint, it’s going to be a [expletive]. … And then any little [expletive] thing that goes wrong is going to be, ‘Ooh, the Milwaukee Police Department is all racist…. blah, blah, blah. ”

Watch the video below:

This video proves the cops were unprofessional, callous and using their power to be bullies. Predicting racism and calling for overtime right before you wrongfully arrest someone is unacceptable. The Milwaukee Police Department have not commented on these latest videos.

When the arrest went viral, Brown, whose father is a former police officer, told Good Morning America“The video shows no justice at what really happened. Like, it’s a body-cam, it’s close, you can hear me screaming or what-not. But anybody who’s been in that position knows how … how dirty it can get. So it’s … it’s tough every time I watch it.”

Let’s hope Brown sues the Milwaukee Police Department so he can be the one saying, “Money, money, money.”


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