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The Beauty Spot With Cheryl Jackson Episode 3

Source: Lee James / WPRS

Sabrina Tucker is a stylist and jewelry designer.  Known for her bold style, Sabrina found her niche in jewelry design.  Her latest fashion offering is Tout Sur LeCuir (All About the Leather), unique jewelry design made from leather.

Tout Sur LeCuir’s inspiration for unique designs were birthed out of a need and desire for Fashionable leather jewelry. Tout Sur LeCuir recognizes the natural beauty of various types of leather and pairs them with your individual style.

Tout Sur LeCuir is a brand of fashion with unlimited designs to incline the eye for a lifetime.  Her designs are a matchless work of art that speaks volumes in any room.

Check it out….Cheryl Jackson talks with Sabrina Tucker this week on the Beauty Spot!


Find Sabrina Tucker on social media

@toutsurlecuir (Facebook and Instagram)

@spokendezigns (Instagram)