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A “pro-White,” torch-carrying marcher who participated in the hateful “Unite The Right” rally in Charlottesville last August recently revealed his heinous plan to take over the Republican party. James Allsup, 22, was elected to a GOP post in Washington state last week as part of an insidious plot to further infiltrate the party for the so-called alt-right, The Daily Beast reported.

Allsup, who marched with the anti-immigrant, white supremacist group Identity Evropa in Charlottesville, became a precinct committee officer (PCO) for the Whitman County, Washington Republican Party. He won the position with the Whitman County GOP — the county’s largest political organization — when his candidacy was uncontested for four days. The role now puts Allsup, a far-right hard-liner, in direct contact with dozens of county residents, setting up possible visits to voters’ homes to share campaign materials. Also scary was the fact that PCOs can vote for members of their party’s county central committee who ultimately influence which people are selected as party officials on a statewide basis.

Allsup said he planned to use the position and power that comes with being a PCO to further a hate agenda. He has already appeared on a podcast hosted by Identity Evropa to encourage far-right members to squirm “their way into mainstream conservative politics.” He’s also admitted to pushing an agenda affirming his own beliefs, The Daily Beast said.

It’s important to note that Allsup has a terribly racist history, which is well-documented. He tried to take over Washington State University’s College Republican club with the help of his fascist friends, he said on the white nationalist podcast Fash The Nation just a month after the Charlottesville rally last year. He also claimed that he was invited to give a speech at the Charlottesville rally and filmed himself expressing pride over white nationalist Richard Spencer.

The Republican party has already started distancing itself from Allsup, as the Republican National Committee and Washington State Republican Party’s chairman denounced his election.


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