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Shooting In Lower Manhattan Federal Building

Source: Spencer Platt / Getty


In consequent of the death toll rising as a direct result of the stand your ground law.  I was overwhelmed with grief to hear that yet again, another black male has been robbed, stolen and cheated out of life. The very life that was given by the Almighty who promised us 3 score plus 10 years of life. The same life that our very own constitution declares that all citizens have, inaleinable  rights. But subscribing to the idea that force without retreat in order to protect and defend, aka Stand Your Ground Law is the reason for the skyrocketing murder rate in Fla. since 2005, which is when the S.Y.G. was implemented @

Just think about it, we are the only one of God’s creations that have the ability of reason and free will, whereas animals act out of pure instinct.  We know the difference between right and wrong.  God is no respecter of persons. Sadly enough, humans are.  I’m no psyologist but it’s a lot easier to have repecter of persons when you don’t view  your fellow man as your equal or even a person for that matter. Kinda like the black codes in the south but with a 21st century update and there you have it, Stand Your Ground Laws. Let’s just call it what it really is which is a license to murder innocent black people solely at the discretion of the assailant, ie. a black man pushes a white man down to the ground or a black teen walks through a neighborhood taking a  short cut to the store are prime examples of this vigilante movement that’s sweeping the nation without any ramifications to these predators but yet another black family sitting on the front row. Every killer in these stand your ground states should not be able to use this as a defense for murder point blank, PERIOD!