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Paul and Silas, two New Testament disciples, had been beaten by an angry mob until they were bruised and bleeding. Their clothes had been violently torn from their bodies. These two great men of God were thrown into a Roman prison and their feet were locked into stocks.

Set down in the belly of the earth, an ancient prison was a place that reeked of urine and vomit. Prisoners received only one meal per day of moldy bread and accompanied by dirty water.

When a guard brought food, he kicked the prisoner in a place that would bring excruciating pain. Roman prisoners sat in their own excrement day after day. Varmints and insects continually crawled over the prisoner’s chained body.

At midnight, when most people would choose to give up into depression, Paul and Silas found joy! They discovered joy in the putrid smell of prison and in the dank of hopelessness. They discovered joy with their feet bound in purposeless and in the sewage of their own existence.

Paul and Silas chose to worship Jesus at the very worst moment of their life. As Christians, we have a divine duty to meet the very worst that life offers with joy!

Practical Application: 

1- Make an entry in your Thanksgiving list with three blessings. Mention your blessings on social media. #beatdepression!

2- Listen to your favorite worship song three times today. Let the words of the music encourage you as you sing along and life your hands in worship.


I declare that no matter how black my circumstances seem I will sing like Paul and Silas! I rejoice in You, Father and give You my highest praise!


“Thank You, Father that I can lift my voice and my hands in worship to You. I thank You that as I worship, the chains of depression and despondency are being broken in my life. Amen.”


Acts 13:52 And the disciples were filled with joy, and with the Holy Ghost.

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