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Building trust is difficult; whether in man of in Christ. You don’t always have the body of evidence from past experiences of trusting support your choice to trust again. We are encouraged by the testimony of other’s but that was their experience to build their trust and, unfortunately, it is nontransferable. We have to be vulnerable enough to open ourselves to experiencing a total takeover of God in our lives to truly walk in trusting God. Knowing there are enemies and pitfalls seeking to destroy us we must still choose to say, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him (Job 13:15 NKJV).” Some of the challenges, pitfalls, or just the things that don’t work out for us after we had so much faith they would are for our good, and are designed by Him to teach us, train us, and mature us.

As His sons and daughters He has given us so many tools to conquer adversity. We have His blood, His name, and His authority to name a few. By faith we believe in their power. By contiuing to grow and build trust in Him, we are able to see His power. Re-evaluate every area of your life and choose to declare His status over each. There are many who are lying in wait to claim responsibility for your success and breakthroughs, and as long as we are in this flesh ‘I’ will continue to try to return. Like shampoo it may be necessary to repeat as needed and choose Him again and again. Each time another brick of trust is added. Each time the wall becomes greater. Each time you place complete trust in Him your relationship becomes stronger and you become the standard for Christ-centered businesses, Christ-led households, and Christ-favored finances. Trust Christ. Happy building.