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Oh my goodness!  The NFL sure knows how to kick off the season.  Both the Los Angeles Rams and the New Orleans Saints will have male cheerleaders.  History is being made right before our eyes.  I never thought that I would see the day that the NFL would have male cheerleaders /dancers on the squad.  Hmmm, now that I think about it, it never crossed my mind.  After all, male cheerleaders are on the squad in college. The days of chanting S-U-C-C-E-S-S, that’s the way we spell success are long gone like the first season of Good Times.

Besides, it does take talent to kick over your head, now THAT is a feat within itself.  But in all seriousness I’d like to congratulate Quinton Peron and Napoleon Junnies the newest membes of the Los Angeles Rams cheerleading team and coming in with a bang no less.  Their names will forever be etched in history for such a groundbreaking moment. Respectfully, the question that is on the forefront of my mind is this. Is cheerleading the most relavent issue to fight for when you think of  equality in the NFL?

Sure would be refreshing to see more blacks as coaches and upper management as well. Equality for cheerleading in the NFL. Now, let’s get equality for social justice because we haven’t forgotten.  Shout out to Colin Kaepernick…

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