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Source: Tamara Murray / Getty

How disrespectful!  I don’t even know where to begin.  So let’s start from the beginning because in the beginning was the word;  And the word was with God and the word WAS God. I certainly believe his word is true to life.  Just as the Ten Commandments Monument on Capitol grounds in Arkansas is the light.  The light shines in darkness. The darkness in this case, the Satanists, comprehend it not.  This is a case of the manifestation of rulers of darkness of this world, spiritual wickedness in high places. I suppose making a mockery of the Ten Commandments is a way of life for this group masking behind the First Amendment.  Putting up an almost 8 foot statue of the Baphomet is downright blasphemy.  Surely you’re not surprised! They were doing the will of THEIR father, the devil.  Hopefully your spiritual eyes are open and without fear know that this means war! Are you ready for the battle?  Hope so.  The last thing that you need is to be left naked, bleeding and defeated like the Sons of Sceva.  Yes, the sacrilegious statue has been removed but the Satanic Temple wants to join a religious discrimination lawsuit in Arkansas.  Don’t know if that will actually happen. We do know, however, that the “devil is busy” but he doesn’t have the final say. The one who is the Alpha and Omega has the monopoly on this matter, according to his will.  And on that note, let the church say…..”Amen”!